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hey, baby’s gotta eat

black mommy excellence

I don’t support breast feeding in public places. Sorry not sorry. I just think there is a time and place for everything.

the time is when the baby is hungry

and the place is where the mother is able to feed the baby

everyone is always critiquing black motherhood and here we have a black woman not only graduating but giving her baby the nourishment it needs 

i think there’s a time and place for your negativity

and it’s not now and it’s not on this picture

Shut the fuck up, the time and place is when the baby is hungry and wherever you are at where that might happen. what do you expect her to do? leave her graduation and go home because your childish ass can’t deal with seeing part of a boob? How do you think your dumb ass got here? She is using her breast for what it was created to be used for and you’re upset. shut the fuck up and get the fuck out. No one needs to stop nurturing and raising their child because it makes YOU uncomfortable. Also, lets talk about the fact that MANY babies will not feed from a bottle, so pumping before hand may not have been an option and the simple fact that babies who are not breastfeed, not only have a higher mortality rate, but in general are in better health all around. So you telling women to prioritize making other people over breastfeeding their child, is literally hurting the baby. 

The sista nourished her mind. Now she trying to nourish her baby in middle of the biggest day of her life.

Give her an award, dammit.

No one said anything about her being black and therefore this is in no way shape or form a race issue. The baby is hungry and needed to be fed but she could have at least covered herself up a bit rather than expose herself to everyone around her. You wouldn’t like to see a man walking around with his penis exposed, therefore the same rule should apply to women. A different opinion isn’t necessarily a wrong/bad one.


breasts are not the same as genetalia

gone somewhere with this foolishness because you not saying anything of substance

This would be awesome if she used a cover up. I don’t care if she’s Black or not, nobody wants to see her breast hanging out whether it’s at graduation or on the side of the street. They literally create blankets for that reason! I’m tired of people adding race to something to defend something that’s wrong. She’s a beautiful, strong Black woman who made an amazing feat while taking care of her child. THAT IS AMAZING and I am happy for her! But she doesn’t need to expose her breast, sorry bout it. Congrats to her and she should feed her baby when she hungry, but cover up.

You put a blanket over your head on an 80 degree day, get really close to another person & eat. Let me know how that feels. Oh wait, you don’t want to do that? Neither do most babies. Despite the hype, showing the same amount of skin for nursing that you do in a swimsuit isn’t actually a problem. Don’t like it? Don’t look.

Folks are always quick to be like “It’s not a race issue” ACTUALLY it is. Black babies have the lowest rates for being breastfed and surprise surprise some of the HIGHEST infant mortality rates. Black women in this country have a 300+ year history of being separated from their babies, and not being able to breastfeed and provide the nourishment they need. So YES, it is a race issue and an important one. Black mothers are LESS likely to get support from family and healthcare workers when it comes to breastfeeding and are often have formula pushed on them. It IS a race issue. 

Y’all will reblog porn clips and pic with titties and everything all out, but a woman breastfeeding you find offensive? Grow the fuck up. Breast were MEANT for breastfeeding, so it is YOUR deficiency that sees breasts as something offensives and sexual. Babies need to eat, and it was probably hot as hell already in that cap and gown, then add a blanket to that? Why, so the baby can get heatstroke all cause y’all are offended? 


 It’s 2014 and there are still people bitching about seeing women breastfeeding their children in public.  Please stop sexualising breasts so much and let women feed their children in peace.

Congrats to the beautiful mom and her baby!!! What a powerful image. (and excellent commentary above)

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